10 steps for a safe Black Friday

Black Friday_sale Gyffu

In addition to physical purchases made on Black Friday, many online companies also featured discounts, which expands this consumerism to a host of other places in the world where people wait hours behind a computer to start shopping.

Can you imagine the amount of people buying online on Black Friday?

People around the world increasingly getting access to these cyber media, online shopping increased significantly and similarly enter this means hackers have entered this medium, with the capacity to access your data. These hackers abuse your data and make virtual fraud with your information which greatly affects your pocket.

On days such as Black Friday there is much traffic of information, people can take advantage of you and it’s important to be safe. This is why today give some tips to help you enjoy a safe Black Friday.

  1. Buy from Websites are reputable and recognized.
  2. Makesure the address begins with “https” and has the padlock sites.
  3. Enter only the personal information necessary.
  4. Read all the information on the page and save it, to have a backup of the contract conditions.
  5. Periodically review your account movements.
  6. Avoid entering other links as emails or ads who ask for personal information.
  7. Unexpected emails coming to your inbox can be a means of fraud, do not enter your data if you do not know the message.
  8. Browse from a computer updated and protected.
  9. Visit sites like Nessus or others that help you to quick scan security of the page you go to visit.
  10. Make your product searches from a search engine as gyffu.com

We hope that you follow these steps and you can enjoy this Black Friday shopping safely. Tell us what items you’re going to buy this Black Friday?

Sebastian Henao Madrigal

CEO & CoFounder of Gyffu.com, the new search engine that protects the user's privacy