Birth of Gyffu

birth of Gyffu

Have you ever thought of changing the world?

(The Birth of Gyffu, the story of Sebastian and Darwin)

These two young Colombians, Sebastian Henao and Darwin Tusarma say they are working to make the Internet change the world as we know it.

In 2012, everything began in a basement, the foundations of what is today the only search engine made in Colombian. Thus was the birth of Gyffu as a trial run by these young entrepreneurs who were still students in the University of Quindio at the time.

The birth of Gyffu was an answer to a problem called “Infoxication” a phenomenon which for many is still unknown, they see it as a reality that affects society. This problem occurs because humans received a great deal of information daily from various sources, but with the aggravating factor it’s not what we are looking for or what we really want to know most of the time. Who has spent searching the Internet you run into annoying ads that invade and overflow screens to gain attention? Most of these results lead to undesired content and end up becoming unpleasant viruses in the computers.

Given these problems and to counter theme, these entrepreneurs are working on a tool called Gyffusion, which will be the next generation of Internet searches. Gyffu goes above and beyond, delivering thousands of links to web pages that are relevant and concentrate on your search criteria. Your search will be accompanied by images, videos and related information this preventing users from wasting their time looking at annoying ads and find what they want speedily and safely.

With perseverance and dedication one achieves the impossible

After 20 months of programming and sacrifices, these young founding Linux managed to fix his attention on Venezuela Gyffu, achieving certification as a secure browser and international regulations. They are now in the process of becoming the default search engine for Linux-based operating systems, which opens the doors to reach more than 72 million users with these distributions; Additional to this you contribute also to be established by the Mozilla Foundation (the famous Firefox browser) as the default search engine in Colombia, estimated at over 27 million users community. Know

They gave up their stable jobs and followed a dream for many was “an impossible folly” but with tenacity and persistence overcame all doors closed so that today they are entrepreneurs and that madness is already a reality. In just one year Gyffu has a community of more than 62,000 Gyffers (users Gyffu) and daily searches in Mexico, USA, Germany, Venezuela, Canada, China, among others; in their own words they have shown that “Doing the impossible is pretty fun.”

A step closer to his dream

This dedication and commitment was seen by Andali, and they decided to invest in the creation of this dream, Oscar A. Arango manager of this company decided to support this project not only financially, but also in the process of making it grow, become apparent when looking at the broad trends that have had an increase over 4600% searches on.

Thus, these entrepreneurs are generating buzz, because in such a short time being online they have been nominated for various awards such as: Colombia Online Award category and Portfolio Innovation Awards, nominated alongside companies and brands recognized for their years of experience , marking a path for those who wish to undertake an insane and follow suit.

“If they call you crazy, you’re on track” say the makers of the birth of Gyffu, which become mantra for other young people, showing that it is possible to undertake a dream, make it happen and why not … change the world and not settle.

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