Neither Ebola nor Chikungunya, Infoxication

It is probable that you suffer from this, to get the infoxication you do not need a mosquito or a sneeze. You just need a computer, tablet or smartphone to have this syndrome. And there is a high chance to get it since it is lying in the shadows waiting for us.

What is Infoxication?


Infoxication or “overload of information”, it is the term which refers to the intoxication that people get from the excessive amount of data which surrounds internet. Although, it does not affect our physical functions, it affects our cognitive ones since we are constantly bombarded by tons of unnecessary sources coming from email, Facebook, Twitter, Web pages, etc…

Do you have infoxication?

If you get stressed without any reason, if you have troubles making decision, if you are not able to classify your emails, if you are not able to prioritize the most important ones, it is probably that you are infoxicated. Although, it does not appear superficially, you must take this syndrome into account since it is dangerous and can cause depression or mental problems in their advanced levels.

Where does the infoxication mosquito live?

As I mentioned before, the cause of this syndrome is in front of you (computers, tables, smartphones, etc…) since most of us receive everyday more and more information coming from internet. Nowadays, it is proven that people know more about the current problems in the word thanks to the media but most of them do not know those situation in depth, just superficially because what they search do not take the problems in deepness. Then carrying them to infer conclusions based on prejudices.

With every search in the web that you make, you will be exposed to have infoxication more and more since there is too much information which is almost impossible to verify all of that. For example: searching “x” topic in the web, you can find approximately 800.000 results. Who is able to read 5 or 6 pages of those results? Who has the enough time to verify if the sources are correct? Even more, has someone verified if there is 800.000 or 400.000 results? Does someone really cares that there is just 400.000 hundreds results?

But this avalanche of information falls on us without clemency and we end open a lot of internet tabs due to the form of how information is presented by the common search engines. In reality, we do not need 800.000 pages, but internet browsers offer us this amount of data in their eagerness to get money from those companies which pay them for having their announcement or information in the first results. Thus, they offer too much when we just need one precise data which gives credence to our doubt.

Vaccine against Infoxication.

Not all is lost, there are simple alternatives that you can use to avoid the excessive amount of information that you receive from internet. For example:
Filter the content from your social networks: It is true that not all the information which comes from your friends is relevant. For that reason, you can choose the ones who you would like to read or see and the other ones you can simply avoid.

Add filters to your inbox: Most of your emails are spams o non-interesting publicity, then learn how to add filters in order to gain time reading what is the relevant.

Restructuring content:  It is based in a strategy which gives value to the most important content on internet for you or your company, it is like separating the wheat from the chaff. In conclusion, it is a technique to get the most important information and do not get overloaded by some others.

Use another search engines: is an independent organization that helps you to look in an easier way for information, not showing you publicity in its results, and it is near to unfold an algorithm to resume those searching.

Nowadays, we can see how the big companies are interested in knowing more about us, it is fair to know if this syndrome was born due to the web growing or was created deliberately