Search engines are afraid to Ehwaz

Rune Ehwaz means harmony, trust, communication and teamwork applied to continuous progress and growth. This new version of Gyffu want to convey the union in which the Gyffu team work, where each area is complemented by another, getting support from each of the members. Through this cooperation they have made great things, obtaining significant results as we see in this version.

search engines security GyffuHome security Gyffu has undergone a series of changes that revolve around providing better service and expertise in order to continue with the privacy and anonymity assures users that none of their data is stored or used for other activities as seen daily on the web. This makes Gyffu is a private and secure browser where you can find any information without being spied on.

Ehwaz includes visual tools that appear through your searches, ie now your results will be accompanied by a preview that will facilitate recognizing the page, and you will identify more quickly exactly what you need, because a picture is worth 1,000 words.

gyffu preview search engines

Besides this, according to the high percentages of searches for a definition or a video, we added a section in which you can check a definition without having to get out of the main Gyffu. This will give you results from Wikipedia and / or Youtube:

If you search for a word in a colored box, your Gyffu direct link will appear at Wikipediawikipedia search engines Gyffu

If you search for a song, artist or anything related to video, you’ll get the most accurate Youtube result.gyffu video search engines

Sebastian Henao Madrigal

CEO & CoFounder of, the new search engine that protects the user's privacy

  • Alvaro

    I am a fan of Gyffu. And I use it often with joy and good results.
    But today I had my first disappointment with the search engine.
    Looking for museum,galleries or places where the art world of Armenia, Quindío can be seen or contacted I only find useless references. Comercial stuff or little interest. Do you know the reasons for this?
    Thanks on beforehand.