Video search, the newest offering you Gyffu

Search videos in Gyffu

Now in Gyffu not only can do web searches, the newest of Gyffu is give results in video. We think that your information can be complemented with a video that expose the same results. So Gyffu has innovated the way you see your videos so in a more comfortable way.

To do it so very easy, you just have to enter the homepage of Gyffu, where you will find two new buttons, these buttons are there for you to choose whether you want to have the result of the web or video.

video search home Gyffu



video search Gyffu


It is as simple as putting the search you want to perform and immediately throws you the results you need, a video with the most accurate result and some other videos that are related to your search and just giving click above it will fold down where you  reproduce the video and appears larger.


video search Gyffu 2


In Gyffu we think you and your comfort in obtaining the information you need, every day we want getting closer to the accuracy of the data so you have more reasons to establish us as your default search engine.


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Sebastian Henao Madrigal

CEO & CoFounder of, the new search engine that protects the user's privacy